Foodie Friday: Boba

In an attempt to change up my blog, I’m adding a new themed weekly post, hereafter known as “Foodie Friday.” I’ll be rotating through various foods inspired by the cultures I’m most familiar with: Chinese, Malaysian, Taiwanese, and yes, Americanized Chinese. There will be a photo and a brief paragraph about each featured food. I’ll cycle through appetizers, main dishes, and desserts to keep things mixed up. Here’s appetizer #1…

Boba: usually refers to milk tea; the only food that you can eat and drink at the same time

Milk tea (various recipes here) combines the earthy tang of tea with the rich sweetness of condensed milk. Extra flavors can be added for a more exotic taste (e.g. taro, mango). For a lighter fare with less bitterness, try using green tea (my fave) as a base.

The boba, or tapioca balls, form the essential foundation of the beverage. The perfect starch consistency is an equal combination of chewy and tender, al dente if you will. Here’s a method of cooking boba to their ideal texture.

Enjoy the following music video by the Fung Brothers, which basically summarizes boba in a song:


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  1. Love boba tea! Just had some a week ago. My favorite is the honeydew. Yum.


  1. Serendipity says:

    […] you can customize the sweetness level and the amount of ice in your tea. Plus, they offer golden boba.  These tapioca are lighter in color than usual boba and have a less dense texture. I ordered the […]

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