Foodie Friday: Tea Egg

Tea egg: a hard-boiled egg with a splash of tea flavor

I grew up eating soy sauce eggs as a child and found tea eggs later on in life. These appetizers often show up in tapioca drink shops. Typically, they’re served on their own, but during my trip to Sun Moon Lake, the chefs complemented them with locally-grown mushrooms. If it’s a contest between the actual tea and the flavored egg, the beverage wins hands down for me. Once in awhile, though, it’s a nice ethnic twist to a plain breakfast egg. You can make your own tea egg at home with this recipe.

**As promised, the gift card winner from this past Monday’s anniversary contest is Romelle Broas. Come on down!**  

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  1. I’m not a big fan of hard boiled eggs, but my husband loves ’em, and he also loves tea. I’m going to suggest this to him! Also, congrats to Romelle!

  2. What an amazing recipe! I like eat foods that are new to me. The tea eggs look beautiful and I imagine they will taste amazing as well. I am a tea drinker rather than a coffee person. Plus, I would like to see how the other flavors influence the tea taste and ultimately the eggs. Do you eat these often – as a snack or for breakast or both?

    Great post!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Monique! I typically eat these eggs as a snack. (My husband, though, is the more avid fan. He would probably eat them any time!)

    • I will let you know when I try them. However, because the tea eggs are so beautiful and the recipe intrigued me, I pinned this post with the picture of all the intricate lines on the eggs. I already had one person repin it! I hope you pin your posts on a board in Pinterest. I am in the process of doing mine.

  3. Thanks for pinning the post! I actually haven’t started using Pinterest yet . Still haven’t wandered into that social medium yet.

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