Serenaded by the King

“Distance tests the endurance of a horse; time reveals a man’s character.” -Chinese proverb

Sometimes I feel like I’m an older soul trapped in a younger person’s body. I’ve always felt this way. Maybe it’s the fact that I’m more reserved and cautious by nature, or that I’m fascinated by earlier times. I like listening to “oldies” music, particularly songs from the 1950s. So when there was a chance for me to attend an Elvis tribute concert, particularly one touted “as the closest thing to young Elvis I have ever seen” by one of Elvis’ contemporaries, rocker Johnny Rivers, I jumped at the chance.

It was beautiful sitting in the smooth velvet seats of the theatre looking at the gleam of the polished instruments on stage. Then when Elvis (Travis LeDoyt) came in the spotlight, I loved tapping my toes to the beat and singing along with favorites like, “Jailhouse Rock,” “Little Sister,” and “Blue Suede Shoes.” In the middle of the concert, though, I noticed that something was missing. It had nothing to do with the exemplary routine, though. It was something more personal. (It also wasn’t the fact that LeDoyt came into the aisles and interacted with the crowd, and I froze up when I got serenaded.)

Elvis tribute show

Then I put my finger on it. A lot of the reason I enjoy Elvis Presley is my memories of listening to his songs with my mom. It was a way for us to connect, even without talking. Although I still enjoyed the show very much, I realized that I was missing that beautiful bonding experience with my mom that made the songs that much sweeter and more memorable.



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  1. Beautiful post. You’re right – sometimes we love the things we love because of the people we share them with. I feel the same way about baseball and my father :)

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