The Importance of Light

“When you drink water, remember the source.” – Chinese proverb

Everything has a source, even words. The Latin roots behind “light” are LUC, LUM, LUN, and LUS. Think about these words:

  • eLUCidate: to make clear; explain
  • ilLUMinate: to light up; brighten
  • LUNambulism: sleepwalking induced by the moon
  • LUSter: gloss; glaze

There is something magical about sparkling lights, particularly at Christmastime. I’ve experienced several walks through lit-up expanses. Every time, the glowing atmosphere gives me a sense of hope and peace. Here are three of my favorite displays:

  1. Mini Ferris Wheel:

    mini ferris wheel

    Neighborhood lights

  2. Tunnel of Lights:

    light tunnel

    Local zoo

  3. Asian-style:

    Asian lights

    Global Winter Wonderland

What have been your favorite light displays?

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