A Twist on Traditions

“A tree has its roots, a stream its source.” -Chinese proverb

Everything has origins. We love family traditions because they’re a source of comfort, rituals that have been passed down from one generation to the next. I’m here to offer a twist on some annual traditions:

  • Instead of hot cocoa this year, try teh tarik (milk tea):
    milk tea
  • Looking for a quick way to wrap presents? What about a take-out box? One year, I found this and other beautiful designs at Target:
    Asian gift box
  • Get a free calendar for next year. Asian grocery stores (Ranch 99 is already offering their version to customers), banks, and other companies often have them in stock:
  • Instead of a Christmas card…
    Send a “holiday” letter. (You can stretch this out to the New Year, or if you’re like me, the Chinese New Year, which gives me even more time.)
  • Too tired to make holiday cookies?
    Use fortune cookies :) If you’re nimble enough, you can even place customized messages inside them.

What personalized rituals do you have?

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