Foodie Friday: Sashimi

Sashimi: raw fish, served with soy sauce and wasabi

sashimi boat

This dish was an acquired taste for me. I mean, I was the girl who didn’t know what a California roll was until my freshman year in college. After that experience, my next challenge was raw fish, introduced to me by my Taiwanese-American husband (then college sweetheart). I’ve now come to appreciate the fresh, smooth texture of sashimi.

When you think of Taiwan, you don’t necessarily think of sashimi. But since they’re an island and were under Japanese rule for fifty years, it’s a ubiquitous dish there. Certainly, they’ve developed the culinary and artistic skills (see photo above) to make a very delicious sashimi platter.


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  1. I think it also depends on where you get the sashimi. When I first tried it in Toronto, where fresh fish aren’t so easy to come by, I thought it was a gross slimy experience. But then I had it in Vancouver, where it comes right from the boat, and the texture was entirely different.

    • jenniferjchow says

      That’s probably true. Even here in L.A., you can’t just go to any restaurant. It’s important to know which establishments and chefs are top-notch. (As a side note, I still haven’t been to Toronto or Vancouver and would love to visit either place.)

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