Foodie Friday: Beef Noodle Soup

Beef noodle soup: hot soup with stewed beef, noodles, and vegetables

beef noodle soup








I’m watching the rain splatter my windowpane, and I can feel the chill creeping in through the walls. It doesn’t rain very much in Southern California (cue the Albert Hammond’s song). When it does, though, I hanker after a hot dish. What’s better on a rainy day than soup? You can find an award-winning recipe of beef noodle soup here.

Beef noodle soup is filled with tender stewed pieces of meat. The Chinese words niúròu miàn (Mandarin pronunciation) literally mean “beef noodles.” The beef is simmered in the broth for many hours, creating an intense hearty flavor. The noodles themselves can range from skinny to thicker versions. Vegetables are added in, but act like more of a garnish to the main beef attraction.The dish can be made with a spicy hot flavor or with a subtler, sweeter taste.

What food do you eat when it rains?

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  1. Perhaps more than anything else rain calls for special dishes, right?
    Soups are perfect for rainy nights.
    In my family case, we love a typical French dish such as a gratin. Tonight we made one with turnips and potatoes. Served steaming hot with the sound of the rain beating against the windows, it made us grateful for the roof above our heads and the relief for California.

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