Foodie Friday: String Beans

String beans: long, slender strands of green beans, cooked with garlic and ginger

Chinese green beans








When I was a kid, I remember marveling at the long strands of green beans I spied in Chinese restaurants. Sometimes I saw workers sitting patiently and snapping the beans into small, edible sections. The long beans are stir-fried into a tasty dish with the addition of garlic and ginger; some recipes result in a spicier, Szechuan version.

It’s amazing that something so simple can be so delicious–I love the abundance of fresh crispy greens combined with the kick of garlic. I’ve even known finicky kids to enjoy this dish. Recently, I finally mastered the art of cooking American green beans and not making them too soggy (by steaming just a bit and then stir-frying them). Understanding the timing and skill needed for plain green beans, I’m in even more awe of the Chinese string bean dish.

What is one of your favorite vegetable dishes?

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  1. Love green beans!

  2. Asparagus! Although I love green beans a lot too. Thank you for another cool post, Jennifer.

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