Foodie Friday: Chicken Feet

Chicken feet: a dim sum delicacy

chicken feet








Waste not, want not. Chicken feet is a common dish on dim sum carts. Its distinctive claw-like pose helps you discern it even from a distance. I haven’t had them since early childhood, but the skin is supposed to be quite gelatinous. (Just be careful of all the small bones.) Some diners have an art of popping the foot in their mouth and extracting all the meat invisibly (kind of like tying a cherry stem with your tongue). If you’re brave enough to cook this dish, you can find the recipe here. My squeamishness at eating chicken feet comes not only from their unaesthetic display, but also because I owned several chickens before. RIP, beloved childhood pets!




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  1. My youngest son was the first to try this on a dare. As it turned out, he liked it.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      That’s a pretty good dare! My hubby challenged me to eat fried crickets once. I declined.

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