Foodie Friday: Oxtail Soup

Oxtail soup: savory broth made with the tender, fatty meat

oxtail soup This tender meat falls right off the bone, particularly after hours of stewing. It also infuses a very hearty flavor into the broth. It’s a bit of work to eat around the large bone in the center, though. I’m disappointed to learn that the meat does not come from an ox (a great Chinese zodiac symbol)–it used to, but nowadays, the cuts are from cattle.

My favorite facts about oxtail:

  • Origins: A French noble asked for a tail from the local slaughterhouse and created the soup; in America, African-American slaves would “make do” with leavings and cooked oxtails
  • Poorer folks used to eat it because of the high fat content and long cooking time
  • The Korean version, kkori gomtang, is a delicacy; chefs can pay the equivalent of $100+ for one single oxtail

Try your hand at oxtail soup!

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  1. Mmmmm… I love oxtail soup. I realize there are a variety of different ways to prepare it. I’ve only tried two types- Filipino and Hawaiian style. You should try the Oxtail soup in Hawaii. Very yummy!

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Hawaiian oxtail soup? HI is definitely moving to the top of my list on places to visit next!

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