Book Trailers and Beyond

“Many possibilities are open to you. Take advantage of them.”

The modern world mingles mediums. Take, for example, the book trailer. It’s a visual sneak preview of something that’s written. Admittedly, I personally don’t watch the latest video and then go out and buy a novel. Nevertheless, I’m extremely excited to present the official book trailer for The 228 Legacy:

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Beyond book trailers, there are other ways that lines are being blurred across different forms of media, including:

  • Interactive kids’ books: My friend Romelle Broas has several books out on MeeGenius. The company created one of the first iPad apps for children’s literature. Based on a subscription model, it offers hundreds of books that allow “read-along word highlighting, rich illustrations, and engaging story narration.” Check out Romelle’s cute books, RUNNING BOY, TUMMY MONSTER, and CASEY CHAMELEON on MeeGenius.
  • Product placement literature: Books may now be involved in commerce. There’s an interesting new venture that incorporates corporate sponsorship. The e-book, FIND ME, I’M YOURS, is formatted through a bunch of websites and web TV shows. It’s got a big protagonist in its story, Sweet’NLow. Read The New York Times post about it here.
  • Tweetbook: That’s right. You can now tweet your way to book success. The TweetBookz company allows you to gather all your past tweets into one exciting story.

What’s your opinion on combining different mediums?

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  1. Veronica Roth says

    Nice! That’s beautifully done Jennifer. :D My opinion on cross media pollination is “Bring It On!” I think it’s fabulous, but then that’s my major of study in communications, so I get exited about almost all forms of media.

  2. Love the music and color scheme (just like your book cover). Great job!

  3. I’m impressed, Jennifer! Great work here. Really cool!

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