Simple Holiday Treats

*Special Winter Edition*

I’ve participated in annual Christmas cookie exchanges before, but never online. Thanks to an invitation from Patience Brewster, an artist who makes handmade ornaments and gifts, I’m involved in an exciting virtual cookie exchange. Through the Internet, I can connect with other foodies and find lovely holiday recipes.

In the past, I’ve baked tangy lemon bars or sculpted popcorn balls to bring to parties. This year, though, I’m lazy. If you’re swamped like me, here are a few simple holiday treats to try using prepackaged goods:

  • Reindeer Nutter Butters:
    Nutter Butters
    Frosting (or peanut butter)
    M&MsUse each Nutter Butter as a reindeer head. Place pretzels on top for the ears, using frosting or peanut butter as the glue. Add in the M&M eyes and nose. Voila!reindeer nutter butter
  • Sparkling Rice Krispies Treats
    Follow the traditional Rice Krispies treat recipe. While the tray is cooling, sprinkle red and green sugar crystals on top. Cut into squares when cooled down.
  • Yuletide M&M Cookies
    Use refrigerated chocolate chip cookie dough (or a box mix). Bake cookies as directed, but five minutes before the end of cooking time, add in festive M&Ms. Put back in the oven and finish baking.

I’m passing the baton over to fellow bloggers with more unique (and complex) recipes to follow. Go look for their holiday recipes over the next few weeks:

Evelyne Holingue with her traditional French Buche de Noel


Veronica Roth with delicious Czech and British cookies

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  1. Your little reindeer cookies are simply adorable. I like that they are so easy to make and yet so cute looking. Thank you also for thinking of me. I will post very soon! I’m interested to see Veronica’s treats as well.

  2. The Nutter Butter reindeer are so cute. Clever idea.

    I’m far behind on my Christmas prep, but I’ll spend the weekend baking and wrapping presents, so I’ll hopefully catch up. Christmas should be fun, not stressful!

  3. These cookies are very cute!

  4. Fantastic ideas! I’m really trying to keep Christmas simple this year – this will help. Good luck to you as you try to keep the stress meter low. :)

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