Stories Set in Foreign Lands – Evelyne Holingue

I'm reblogging a lovely post from Evelyne Holingue, highlighting stories set in foreign lands or with multicultural flair. Enjoy! Source: Stories Set in Foreign Lands – Evelyne Holingue … [Read more...]

Multi-Author Promo

The other day I heard this phrase tossed around: Thanksvember. One of the things I’m really grateful for as a writer is the author community. In honor and celebration of that, I’m participating in a cross-genre promotion. It’ll last ten days from November 12-November 22. Fabulous storytellers from different genres pulled together for a Thanksgiving treat of discounted books. My own cozy mystery, SENIORS SLEUTH, will be discounted to only 99 cents at the following retailers: Amazon and … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday First: Beignet

Ooh la la! I finally ate my first... Beignet: a French doughnut (French-American writer, Evelyne Holingue: This post is for you!) This deep-fried doughnut isn't like the typical American version. It's not spherical and doesn't have a hole in the middle. Instead, it's square-shaped and has a dusting of powdered sugar on top. People often eat it for breakfast, but I ate mine as a dessert. It's very sweet and hits the spot after a meal, especially when it's piping hot from the fryer! I've … [Read more...]

Molting like a Cicada (or Self-Publishing)

"Courage is the hallmark of a warrior." I remember visiting Taiwan and hearing a repetitive whirring from the tree above me. It was the song of a cicada. Cicadas are known as "tree crickets" and live on branches. While their cousin crickets on the ground produce music by rubbing their wings, cicadas actually have built-in noisemakers (tymbals) that can be manipulated by using their muscles. In Chinese culture, cicadas are a symbol of immortality (because of their long lifespan) and rebirth … [Read more...]

Simple Holiday Treats

*Special Winter Edition* I've participated in annual Christmas cookie exchanges before, but never online. Thanks to an invitation from Patience Brewster, an artist who makes handmade ornaments and gifts, I'm involved in an exciting virtual cookie exchange. Through the Internet, I can connect with other foodies and find lovely holiday recipes. In the past, I've baked tangy lemon bars or sculpted popcorn balls to bring to parties. This year, though, I'm lazy. If you're swamped like me, here … [Read more...]