Foodie Friday First: Beignet

Ooh la la! I finally ate my first…

Beignet: a French doughnut


(French-American writer, Evelyne Holingue: This post is for you!)

This deep-fried doughnut isn’t like the typical American version. It’s not spherical and doesn’t have a hole in the middle. Instead, it’s square-shaped and has a dusting of powdered sugar on top.

People often eat it for breakfast, but I ate mine as a dessert. It’s very sweet and hits the spot after a meal, especially when it’s piping hot from the fryer! I’ve heard that it tastes even better with a cup of cafe au lait. If you’re not interested in making this pastry from scratch, you can also buy a mix from the famous Cafe du Monde located in the New Orleans French Market.

Fun fact: The beignet is the official state doughnut of Louisiana. 

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  1. Yum, hot from the fryer. No doubt that was delicious! I eat very little fried food, but a fresh doughnut or funnel cake from the deep fryer is tough to resist. :)

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