Foodie Friday: Tofu Fah

Tofu fah: smooth pudding-like tofu snack

tofu fah

A versatile dish, tofu fah can be served in either warm or cold weather. (People enjoy it iced in the summer months or heated in the winter season.) Apparently, in northern China it’s called “tofu brains.” Thankfully, my family’s from the southern region, where it’s known as fah or “flower.”

The best way to think of this dish is as a kind of tofu soup. It can be salty or sweet, depending on the accompanying liquid. I prefer the sugary version.

The key to this treat is in the silkiness of the tofu. It must be so soft that the tofu seems to melt in your mouth like jello. Want to try this at home? Here’s a simple recipe.

Do you have a favorite tofu dish?

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  1. Veronica Roth says

    Hmm, never tried that and it sounds good. :D Actually, we don’t eat a lot of tofu because it carries natural estrogen and C had a problem with that, so basically, the only way we really ever eat it is agedashi tofu. Maybe it’s time to venture into the tofu unknowns. :D

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