Foodie Friday: Sitaphal Ice Cream

Over Christmas break, I tried my first…

Sitaphal ice cream: custard apple-flavored creamy deliciousness


Yes, it’s winter, but hey, ice cream can be eaten indoors, right? First off, how did I not know that there was such a thing as Indian ice cream? It’s amazingly smooth and comes in so many unique flavors. One of these new trial tastes, for me, was sitaphal.

Sitaphal is also known as custard apple and is a heart-shaped tropical fruit (it could work as a Valentine’s treat). The outside is conical in structure and segmented (think: pineapple bumps). The inside flesh, though, is very creamy. You could almost describe it as custard-like, which is probably how it got its name. Watch out while eating the custard apple, though, because it has seeds inside, like a pomegranate. The flavor from a custard apple is not overpowering. Instead, there’s a subtle sweetness to the fruit–and it’s not surprising that another moniker for sitaphal is “sugar apple.”

Fun fact: Sitaphal is known for maintaining healthy eyesight (maybe I should eat some more!).

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  1. I’ve not heard of this either, but I’m a big fan of ice cream, especially ice cream that maintains healthy eye sight. ;)

  2. Oh you are teasing my sweet tooth, Jennifer. Where did you get it? I believe that I ate similar ice cream in an Indian restaurant on the East Coast years ago. It would be nice to get to buy some!

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