Spiral Mooncake

Spiral mooncake: puff pastry version of the mooncake

spiral mooncake

Sometimes you can elevate mooncakes into works of edible art. When I first discovered these spiral-shaped pastries, I was fascinated.

I have a love-hate relationship with mooncakes. Some taste just okay, but I love the symbolism behind them. Usually eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, they’re circular, dense treats.

The beauty of spiral mooncakes is in their fluffy layers. Think: phyllo dough. Shaping the dough requires skill, and I hear that dipping and frying them in hot oil brings out the best crispness in texture.  (Healthier chefs will opt for baking them.)

These mooncakes traditionally have a yam filling, which provides a nice bright purple contrasting color on the inside. If preferred, you can also use other flavors, like lotus and red bean paste.

Fun fact: The Mid-Autumn Festival for 2015 lands on September 27th.

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  1. I don’t think I ever ate mooncakes but I LOVE red bean paste! Actually red bean paste is my weakness. There is a dim sum my family loves in SF, and whenever I spot their yummy buns stuffed with red bean paste I waved to the lady who is pushing the cart to get them before anyone does. But I don’t think their buns are your mooncakes.

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