Foodie Friday First: Chowder Fries

I tried my first taste of…

Chowder fries: French fries smothered in hearty clam chowder

chowder fries

During my first official job after college, my colleague introduced me to eating French fries–dipped in mayonnaise. (She told me it’s a European thing.)

Although I still prefer ketchup, I can see why she enjoyed the creamy consistency. It gives a nice contrast to the crispy friedness. Plus, there’s the added plus of fatty flavor.

How did I feel about eating chowder fries? It’s a hearty, filling appetizer that really highlights the smoothness and seafood appeal of clam chowder. A thumbs-up from me (but only for special sea-craving times).

Have you tried chowder fries?

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  1. here in America most people dip them in ketchup, pretty good. a long time ago when i was in France the fries were in a mustard sauce, maybe mustard and sour cream, SO good. I still prefer that.

  2. Hmmm, I like chowder. And who doesn’t like french fries? But together? I’m not sure. :)

  3. Veronica Roth says

    Ha! Talk about poutine! I remember my first poutine in Montreal, where I used to spend quite a bit of time, it was just fries with gravy and cheese curds. Latest new discovery for me was a delicious pulled pork poutine. Chowder poutine? Bring it on. :D

  4. I ate my French fries with béarnaise when I lived in France. Close to mayonnaise it’s a little less creamy and has a herby flavor. I still don’t like ketchup! In Quebec people eat Poutine French fries. Too much for me! I guess, like with any other food, each country had its own way to eat it. And it’s great this way. But I never ate chowder French fries and I never heard of it.

  5. fries and mayo, it is very european indeed. and can i add; totally belgian? ;)))


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