Foodie Friday: Stinky Tofu

Stinky tofu: smelly but tasty fermented tofu

stinky tofu

Stinky tofu is definitely a good that grows on you because you need to get over the atrocious smell to eat it. There’s a nicer euphemistic name people call it: fragrant tofu. The odor comes from a fermentation process that can last from several days to a week. The recipe used for making a proper brine is sometimes fiercely guarded by the cooks. If you’re interested in learning more about how stinky tofu is made, check out this video from the Hungry Monster show by the fabulous Karen Lin.

Stinky tofu is a staple of the Taiwan night market scene. There are different versions of it (including a steamed kind), but I like the more common deep-fried ones with a pungent dipping sauce. The latest stinky tofu dish I tried served it with barbecue sauce, but I don’t think the fusion sweetness works as well as the traditional style.

Fun fact: Stinky tofu is supposed to provide your body with beneficial bacterial, just like yogurt.

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  1. Oh my, I might have to stick to yogurt for my beneficial bacteria. ;)

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Haha, Carrie! You know, my dad loves durian, another “stinky” food. I still haven’t really gotten into it, though.

  2. All three of my kids are vegan now, so they’re always looking for recipes for tofu. As for me, I love greek yogurt and will stick to that for my probiotics.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      I have a few friends who are vegan. Tofu can be transformed into amazing textures and shapes… (I’ve heard great things about Greek yogurt, though my kids have a slight preference for the typical kind.)

  3. One of my daughters is a vegetarian, so I have discovered the many ways to cook tofu. I didn’t know yours, though.
    Smelly foods can be good. French cheese, for example. ????

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