Lifelong Dreams

“Your dearest wish will come true.”

dandelion wish

It’s amazing when we’re able to fulfill a lifelong dream. For me, it’s writing and being published. I’m so grateful to do what I love every day.

Others have different dreams….Virginia McLaurin wanted to go to the White House and meet President Obama. At 106, she finally got her wish. When she went there for Black History Month, she was so excited that she started dancing with joy. Which makes sense, because she’s lived through 18 presidents just for this moment in time!

What’s your lifelong dream?

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  1. My writing dream is the same as yours, but more recent – I’d say in the past five years. My lifelong dream is to do a castle tour of Europe. That sounds rather self-indulgent, doesn’t it? ;)

  2. I share your dream, too, Jennifer. Definitely writing and publishing. Although perhaps I would say that my most important dream is to see my kids able to follow their own dreams. I would feel very happy at the end of my life if the four of them have also lived their own dreams.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Oh, that’s so sweet of you to say as a mom. I’m still going through that journey, but I’m hoping that my children will be able to fulfill all their hopes, too. (I am kinda curious where they’ll be heading…)

  3. Same here — getting a book published!

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