Foodie Friday First: Vegemite Sandwich

Well, I finally tried the traditional Down Under staple.

Vegemite sandwich: yeast extract on bread


Really, when you describe it that way, it doesn’t seem so exciting. I think the dark brown Australian paste that makes up the key ingredient is an acquired taste. It’s supposed to be chock-full of B vitamins, though! The flavor really reminded me of fermented soy beans. Think: really salty and thick soy sauce. It won’t be my standard breakfast food, but all the more power to you Aussies!

As an extra, check out the “Down Under” music video from Men At Work.

Fun fact: President Obama’s opinion of vegemite? “It’s horrible.”

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  1. I’ve heard of Vegemite before but didn’t know what it was. Your description of its taste is intersting, but not quite appealing.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Yeah, I know. President Obama described it as a “quasi-vegetable by-product that you smear on your toast.”

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