Foodie Friday: Chorizo

Chorizo: spiced pork sausage


The breakfast of champions

Breakfasts are huge in Mexico! And I mean, portion size. I don’t know how folks eat so much in the morning. The bread basket alone is intimidating. (I’m usually a simple toast kind of gal.)

However, I did enjoy my eggs with chorizo. It’s sausage packed full of flavor. I’ve had chorizo here in the States, but somehow the spices burst onto my tongue more in Mexico.

What breakfast foods have you tried recently?

Mexico City, Part 1
Mexico City, Part 2


  1. I’m a boring breakfast person, Jennifer. I eat oatmeal with dates, almonds and blueberries and drink tea. But. When away from home I try anything that locals eat. In Maine there is a great diner where my family loves to go for Sunday brunch. There I try their eggs benedict with lobster or crab meat.
    French me would love the Mexican bread basket!

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