Mexico City, Part 2

“You are altruistic and will be involved in many humanitarian projects.”


Did you know that…

  • Over 20,000 Mexican children are victims of sex trafficking every year?
  • 27 million is the estimated number of victims in the world today?

The organization I worked with in Mexico City is called El Pozo de Vida, or The Well of Life. It has a whole gamut of services, from prevention to intervention to restoration. Areas I helped with included:

  • Block party. An event thrown in the red light district to provide light to a dark area. There were flowers, churros, music, and manicures (which I gave out) to be had!
  • Nunayú. Jewelry-making program that gives women a good source of income. The nice ladies there even taught my kids how to make a braided bracelet!
  • Safe house. Haven for those under 18 who’ve been rescued. There was a lot of hanging out and just enjoying time together, complete with dancing (BTW, I’m horrible at Kinect!), board games, and cooking.
  • Transitional home. Independent living for those 18 and up. We spoke about dreams and encouraged young women going after their educational and career goals.
  • Virtual reality. High-tech goggles. New tech is being used to educate and bring girls’ stories to life, where you literally get to walk in their shoes.

We spent the most time with the teenagers in the safe home. I went out to help them, but the sweetness of the girls’ attitudes there blessed me instead. We got to have fun and celebrate together (quinceañera and even a birthday for one of my kids). This trip changed my perspective on what’s really important and how to really live embracing hope.


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  1. I applaud your decision to ‘do’ something about a reality that we often put aside, not knowing what to do. I’m particularly impressed by the fact that you talk about joy and how the teenagers who went through dark moments remain hopefully and joyful. What a life lesson for all of us who are safe and have so much.
    Thank you for sharing this amazing journey with us on your blog.

    • Jennifer J. Chow says

      Thanks, Evelyne. It was a stretch for us to go…particularly as a family, but I’m glad we took that step of faith. There is still a lot of healing to be had for those girls, but it’s amazing that they do exhibit laughter and fun in their lives.

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