Foodie Friday: ROC versus Din Tai Fung

ROC versus Din Tai Fung: two restaurants specializing in soup dumplings


ROC soup dumplings

Today’s foodie post is on the war of the soup dumplings. Xiao long bao are tiny steamed dumpling filled with soup and (traditionally) pork. They’re served hot from their steaming baskets, and are often dipped into a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, and ginger slices.

Recently, I went to two restaurants that specialize in xiao long bao: ROC and Din Tai Fung. (Mama Lu’s Dumplings is also a good contestant, but I don’t go there as frequently.) So, ROC versus Din Tai Fung: Fight!

I think ROC serves more Shanghai-style dumplings, while DTF is closer to its Taiwanese roots. And I must say, DTF wins! Their dumplings are more delicate. The wrapper is thinner, allowing you to focus on the insides of the dumpling.

What do you like to eat on cold days?

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  1. Cold days call for hot soup. I like to make Albondigas which is a vegetable meatball soup. The great thing about the recipe is the meat can be ground beef, turkey or a vegan meatless ‘meatball.’ Add potatoes, zucchini, and carrots and you’re done.

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