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“You are never selfish with your advice or your help.”

Recently, I got interviewed for Sheena Yap Chan’s podcast, The Tao of Self Confidence. I was excited to contribute my observations about gaining confidence. I love the idea of encouraging other people with Asian heritage to find their voices and be proud of themselves.


Kai Oberhäuser

I’ve done a few podcasts now, and here are a five things I’ve learned along the way:

1. Opportunity:
First off, getting a podcast means actively seeking opportunities. I receive notices from to hear about new shows and learn what podcasters are seeking. Friends of friends also provide connections. Sheena found me through this website:

2. Environment:
When actually recording, a quiet zone is best. Sound gets muffled in too open of a space, so I try to find somewhere secluded. Closing the door also helps shut out distractions (and improve concentration!).

3. Technology:
During a previous podcast interview, I donned a headset. Somehow I’d read that using one provides a clearer voice for recording. It felt too bulky, though, so I retired it after that one trial. I’ve also done interviews via actual microphones, but some folks ask questions through technology, so I definitely have a Skype account on hand if needed.

4. Speech:
Podcasts are radio shows. Nobody can see you as you make motions, so it’s best to enunciate when speaking. Also, shorter sentences are easier to follow. I find that an informal tone is best, so everything sounds more conversational.

5. Preparation:
Usually, interviewers will give you a list of questions to prepare for. It’s nice to have an outline of ready responses. Also, I try to research the specific podcast to get a sense of its origin and tone. Then I can incorporate the findings into my answers.

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