My First #Pit2Pub

“An unexpected event will soon bring you fortune.”

Twitter is alive with a lot of publishing opportunities. Different hashtagged events allow access to agents and editors. Some examples include #PitchWars, #SFFPit, and #PitMad.

Last week, I decided to participate in #Pit2Pub. This is a chance to get a 140-character pitch in front of editors at various publishers. If it’s hard to whittle a novel into a synopsis, it’s insane to do so into a tweet. But I tried.

I wanted to provide a sense of the main character and a hint of the conflict in my pitches. Here are the four I sent out (you can pitch one manuscript every two hours during the 12-hour event):

Terec upends society by botching a skin messaging. With the help of a beautiful rebel, he must restore order to his world.
#Pit2Pub #YA #SF

In a world of air cars and skin messaging, one young scientist’s mistake changes his society–for the worse.

A world on the verge of dystopia. Skin messaging. One teen’s discovery will push it over the brink.

A teen’s mistake helps a dystopian leader rise up. With the help of outsiders, he must now restore peace to his country.

Friends can retweet your post to enhance visibility. Editors can heart your pitch. So the final results?


Three likes from editors!

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  1. Good for you to try this! And congrats on getting some likes. I hope that turns into something more. Good luck!

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