Foodie Friday: Mochi Donut

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Mochi donuts: mini donuts made with mochi and filled with cream


I know what you’re thinking…How can mochi be made into a donut? Well, these cute treats can be found at Mochi Cream bakeries.

Instead of the usual outer dough layer, the donuts feature a covering made from glutinous rice. They must add something to harden the texture, though, to give it shape. Maybe a type of glaze?

Inside, there is a flavored cream layer, similar to that found in a cream puff. Of course, the flavors are more exotic. My favorite happens to be mango cream.

Although the donuts are really cute in shape and fun in color, I believe regular mochis are better. There’s something about the chewiness of the traditional flour that is more satisfying.

(I shared these donuts with friends during a girls’ night out!)

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