Printing Museum

Who knew that there was a printing museum close to Los Angeles? I visited the International Printing Museum at 315 W. Torrance Blvd in Carson at the end of March.

This museum holds a large number of vintage presses, including a replica of the Gutenberg press. Since I went to their annual Krazy Krafts Day for Kids, I got a whole lot more to see, including letterpress printing, papermaking, cartooning, origami, and bookbinding.

Although the front of museum looks small, the inside holds a huge warehouse. Here are a few highlights from my time:

Paper marbling:

Using inks, you got to create your own swirly paper.

marble paper

Screen printing:

From a choice of several designs, I picked a T-shirt to imprint. Here I am wearing the chipmunk logo at a botanical garden:



Several artists were stationed at a long rectangular table and used their talent to provide personalized bookmarks and nameplates. (If you’re patient, you can watch the entire video of my customized bookmark.)


I even spotted paper toys. These robots were constructed by just folding paper and sliding the pieces into place. And the head and limbs are all malleable!

paper robots


In the era of typesetting, slugs were used to create lettering. I got my own personal one crafted at the museum. Here’s the machine and the final result.

my slug

A big thumb’s up! This was a reader and writer’s dream of a museum.

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