Foodie Friday: Laksa

Laksa: spicy noodle soup


I first had laksa in Malaysia, and it nearly burned my tongue off because of the spiciness level. Ever since then, I wouldn’t touch the dish. Nevertheless, I grew brave a few weeks ago and tried laksa again.

There’s something extremely sensory about getting a noodle soup that’s coated in red. Two types of laksa exist: a sour one and a curry-based soup. I’m partial to the curry with coconut milk version.

I took a deep breath and tried the soup again. It was really tasty this time! And maybe because it was offered in a US restaurant, they didn’t spice it all the way up. A pretty flavorful soup on those cold dreary days!

If you want to control the level of heat, you can also make your own using this laksa recipe.

Stay warm and dry!

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  1. I LOVE this soup. Like you I favor the curry with coconut milk version over any other. I’ll see if the recipe is easy or not. But this is a very yummy and colorful soup that I really like.

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