Foodie Friday: Boba milk tea ice cream bar

Boba milk tea ice cream bar: boba—but as a popsicle!

My brother kept telling me about these, but whenever I popped by the grocery store, I couldn’t find them in the freezer aisle. I finally located a box the other week. Hurrah!

They actually really taste like milk tea, with that decadent flavor combo of rich black tea and sweetened milk. (Perhaps a little too sweet.) The tapioca balls are frozen, so they’re not quite the same chewy texture. If you lick the ice cream bar, though, it defrosts them a little to revive that QQ* consistency.

It’s not really the best substitute if you’re yearning for bubble tea, though. In that case, go straight to your local milk tea shop!

boba bar

*Fun fact: “QQ” is a Taiwanese term that talks about the bounciness or the chewy-chewy texture of certain foods.

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  1. kathyscottage says

    Mmmm. Interesting. :)

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