Foodie Friday: Kok Chai

Kok chai: golden fried puffs filled with sweet peanut bits

Yes, the Lunar New Year feasting is still continuing in my household. I got a batch of homemade kok chai delivered to me (thanks, fam!). These golden pastries are also known as mini peanut puffs. If you’re a peanut lover, these are an excellent snack!

Kok chai or mini peanut puffs, which are fried dumplings filled with sweet peanut bits. Placed on a cherry blossom plate.

They’re like fried dumplings but instead of being filled with meat and vegetables, they have sweetened peanut bits. The ones I ate also had yummy coconut pieces mixed in.

There’s a nice crunch when you first bite into one. This goes well with the wealth of sweetness inside. The sugariness of the peanuts is tempered with the different flavor profile of the coconut pieces (and, in some recipes, sesame seeds).

The symbolism of the kok chai is in its shape and color. They’re supposed to resemble gold ingots (very lucky), which is reinforced by their golden exterior shell.

Author’s note: These remind me of curry puffs (food cousins maybe?) since they’re so similar in shape—but not in taste!

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