Giving Trees

One of my favorite books as a kid was The Giving Tree by Shel Silverstein because of the tree’s generosity. Years later, I also realized it was a really sad story. Still, I think about trees in the same way—that they always give and give without complaint.

I love trees. As a child, I sketched out a blueprint for my ideal tree house. Too bad my parents weren’t sold on the idea.

I still love trees. It’s one of the many reasons I enjoy camping in the mountains. Fresh air. Twinkling stars. Impressive trees. Nature all around.

We recently went to the redwoods in Northern California and camped near the Avenue of the Giants. This is a 31-mile stretch of shaded road close to Highway 101. The redwoods there are massive—and splendid. I loved how some of them were fighters, survivors of fires. It soothed me to walk below their overarching branches.

Avenue of the Giants

The two main hikes we took were mellow ones. The Founders’ Grove is an easy loop. Be sure to borrow a pamphlet at the start of the trail because it’ll explain fascinating facts (paired with numbered markers) along the walk.

We also enjoyed Rockefeller Loop. The trailhead is not as close to the freeway as the Founders’ path, so it’s quieter and less crowded. I found the secluded area a great place to do some reflecting.

Sometimes, in life, it’s helpful to pause and take a break. I feel that way even with writing. There are authors who write every single day of the year. I can’t do that. Weekends allow me to refill my creative well.

Getaways help me to gain perspective, and they renew my writing passion. I’m grateful I got the chance to relax: to unwind from stress and deadlines, to remember the purpose of creating. I’m hopeful for bright days of writing ahead!

How do you relax?

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