Foodie Friday: Chowdah

One of my favorite soups is clam chowder. Maybe because it reminds of the sea because I loved the ocean but grew up in landlocked Central California. Or perhaps since I liked those cute oyster crackers.

I have fond memories of going to San Francisco and enjoying chowder in a sourdough bread bowl.

Once, I even wrote down a recipe from a cooking show to create homemade chowder. It was very tasty but took a long time to make. After that experience, I opted to get gourmet versions from eateries.

Saying that you have the best bowl of clam chowder is a huge claim. I recently heard of a place called Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach (they have a location is San Luis Obispo as well). The restaurant is known for their loaded clam chowders (like a baked potato with the works).

Would all the extras mess with the flavor? Only one way to find out:

Verdict: It was delicious. The extra seafood topping added even more ocean fresh flavor that put it over the edge. If you’re looking for a purist version, this isn’t it. But it’s hearty and clammy and tasty. My only slight issue was the bread bowl, which seemed pretty basic–I much preferred using grilled sourdough slices on the side to dip into the soup.

What’s a favorite soup of yours?

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