Goobne Chicken

I’m a sucker for fried chicken. I even had a cousin who worked for Kentucky Fried Chicken (discount, anyone?). Recently, though, I’ve had friends tell me about the original KFC: yes, Korean Fried Chicken.

I also love this version. What I like is that they’re usually smaller drumettes I can enjoy. They’ve also got a delicious marinade–something garlicky, soy saucey, and spicy (if you prefer).

I’ve been hearing about roasted Korean fried chicken, so I thought I’d check out Goobne. To be fair, the roasted version is tasty, but it’s not the same as fried.

They do have a crispy version that’s supposed to mimic the same crunchiness–I applaud them for giving it a decent try. The skin did stay crispy, and it even had a kick to the sauce, but it’s still not a replica. Sorry. But I’m sure it makes for a healthier alternative.

Happy eating, friends!

Happy 35th, SinC!
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