Time to Restart

I’ve given up on resolutions for years now. I like to do a one-word focus for every new year instead. This time around the sun, I’m aiming to RESTART.

To me, this means having a fresh perspective on things and concentrating a lot on forgiveness. For others. But maybe even more so, for myself.

One tiny example of this: On New Year’s Eve, I didn’t have the planned fun festive celebration I had anticipated. Our family get-together got derailed by sickness (colds–though I, thankfully, didn’t catch anything). I had a very quiet NYE. When I tried to watch the ball drop, I couldn’t find the right channel. (I did find it later on YouTube.) The experience was annoying but…restart, right?

I’ve been trying to restart after things go sideways, especially when it’s stuff not under my control. But I think the word also works for mistakes that I make or deliberate actions on my part.

I took a much-needed break at the end of December to regroup (although I would happily take a few more vacation days). Anyway, I’m hopeful for this new year. Let’s leave the baggage of 2022 behind and restart! Happy 2023 to all!

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