Agatha Award Nomination

I grew up on Agatha Christie–I mean, after I read stuff like Encyclopedia Brown and Nancy Drew. There was something transportive about puzzling out a mystery. The Queen of Crime was great at stumping me. Later on, as a writer, I appreciated her skill at varying scenarios and clues (unreliable narrator, anyone?).

My mom also loved Christie and was the one who first introduced me to her. That day, I wasn’t sure what to borrow at the library, and the beginning of the adult section was right behind me. Mom suggested looking under “C” for Christie.

I’ve been excited to have my published books sitting next to Agatha Christie’s on a shelf. (At an indie bookstore, they really were. Yay for alphabetical order!)

Jennifer J. Chow's books (Mimi Lee Gets A Clue & Mimi Lee Reads Between the Lines) on a bookshelf next to Agatha Christie's (4:50 From Paddington and The ABC Murders)

Now I have the even greater honor of being nominated for an Agatha Award! (The Agatha Awards celebrate traditional mysteries in the vein of works written by Agatha Christie.)

Death By Bubble Tea is a finalist in the Best Contemporary Novel category, and I really am floored. (I had to re-check and make sure they hadn’t made a mistake.)

Many thanks to Malice Domestic and everyone who nominated me! I’m with fine company in my category, including Chicks on the Case blogger Ellen Byron, and other talented authors: Annette Dashofy, Tina de Bellegarde, and Louise Penny.

Here is the full list of nominees, including those for Best First Novel and more…

Off to celebrate the good news with some boba!

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