Foodie Friday: Bò né

I’m a breakfast gal. Sometimes I’ll even swap another meal with breakfast. I mean, there’s brunch…and then there’s brinner, right?

I like a good fan tuan rice roll for breakfast, but recently I also tried Vietnamese Bò né. I didn’t know what the dish was, but it sounded cool.

Apparently, it’s steak and eggs done Vietnamese-style. Bò né means “dodging beef” because the steak comes out on a piping hot skillet–and you’d need to dodge the butter or oil. Of course, it’s been tastily seasoned with Vietnamese spices. It’s known as a fusion dish because it combines Vietnamese and French elements (including a side of crusty baguette).

Fresh baguette next to cow-shaped sizzling platter with steak and eggs, topped with onions and cilantro

It’s exactly what you think it’ll be–tender beef paired with fried eggs. Definitely a thumbs-up from me. A happy breakfast find (that you can eat at any time).

Share your recent foodie discoveries with me!

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