A Tale of Two E-Readers

"Treat yourself to something of quality." Here I am trying to teach the kids that Christmas is not merely about presents, but I do have something on my wish list: a Kindle Paperwhite. I'm not even interested in the bells and whistles of a Kindle Voyage, but in its predecessor. I already have a Nook device, so why would I need two e-readers? Here's my argument: Kindle Paperwhite (want) Has a backlight, so I can read in dim environments Can ditch the cloud reader and not have to use … [Read more...]

Lunar New Year Feasting

Sihk Gau Daaih Gwai: to have a rich meal like a kingIn Ancient China, the number of dishes served to a person during a meal signified their social ranking. The emperor received nine, while feudal kings got seven dishes. A nobleman ate five dishes, officials three, and ordinary people only two. In those days, people also used vessels called gwai to hold their food; most of these containers were made of wood, although some were created from bronze or bamboo.  Happy lunar new year! Yesterday was … [Read more...]