It’s My Party, and I’ll Cry if I Want To

"Seek out the significance of your problem at this time. Try to understand." Let me preface this by saying: It's my birthday month. Growing up, my doting parents made sure I felt special on my birthday. Even if it was just a card, cake, and candles. To this day, I still have fond memories of pink champagne cake (do they still sell that anymore?). So it was with great excitement and hope that I entered this month. Alas, I've already been slammed with three rejections. One of which was the … [Read more...]

Red Egg and Ginger Parties

"Do not kill the hen for her eggs." -Chinese proverb Eggs abounded everywhere this past weekend (plastic and real). We even decorated some ourselves: In Chinese, there's also a custom involving dyed eggs. Red eggs. (As an aside, Orthodox Christians also use red eggs, symbolizing the blood of Christ and rebirth.) My own reference is to a cultural red egg and ginger party. These festive occasions arrive on the one-month birthday of a new baby in the family. In the old days, the … [Read more...]


A person without a smiling face should not open a shop. -Chinese proverb My neighbor turned 100 years old! Her advice to a long life? Smiling. Actually, laughing. She says that she weathered life's ups and downs with a dose of good humor. Also, I was recently nominated for a blog award by Brittney (thanks!). The name of the award makes me smile: Sunshine Award. The rule is I have to answer eleven questions: 1.       What is your favorite vacation place? I really enjoyed visiting Italy … [Read more...]