Foodie Friday: Ginger Cake

Ginger cake: local baked goodie made with lots of ginger and spices This is a kind of cake roll made specially at a local bakery. My friend told me that it’s a seasonal item. The rich spices, which include a heavy dose of ginger, provide winter immunity. It’s got a ton of flavor, including ginger, cloves, and cinnamon. Think of it as the baked love child of a cinnamon roll and a gingerbread cookie. Delicious and good for you? That’s a winner in my book! … [Read more...]

Red Egg and Ginger Parties

"Do not kill the hen for her eggs." -Chinese proverb Eggs abounded everywhere this past weekend (plastic and real). We even decorated some ourselves: In Chinese, there's also a custom involving dyed eggs. Red eggs. (As an aside, Orthodox Christians also use red eggs, symbolizing the blood of Christ and rebirth.) My own reference is to a cultural red egg and ginger party. These festive occasions arrive on the one-month birthday of a new baby in the family. In the old days, the … [Read more...]