Foodie Friday First: Mantu

Mantu: steamed ground beef and lamb dumplings, served with sour cream and a meat sauce I confess: I've never had Afghan food. So when my hubby mentioned a local restaurant, I was intrigued. The decor was luscious, with dark-toned long tables. Along the sides of the room were cushioned benches embellished with jewel-encrusted throw pillows. Now on to the food... Mantu is a very popular dish in Afghanistan and is cooked in a multi-layered steamer. People sell it on the street corners, kind of … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Xiao Long Bao

Xiao Long Bao: Chinese soup dumplings a.k.a. "exploding meatball dumplings" This is what my brother called them when I first tried the dumplings, and the nickname's stuck in my head. It's true, too. If you pop the whole thing in your mouth, the soup underneath the skin sprays right out and scalds your throat. Over the years, I've acquired the proper skill to eat xiao long bao. You need to hold the dumpling over a spoon, bite a small piece of it, suck out the juice, and then eat. For … [Read more...]