New Year (Writing) Resolutions

Hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday season! I wish every day of my life was filled with tinsel and lights, like so: Alas! It's on to the New Year. Which brings to mind resolutions, especially of the writing variety. As an author, I actually don't start fresh on January 1st. Instead, I use a system of constant goals. For example, I have a standalone mystery that I've been tinkering around with since last year. Except I didn't quite make my personal cutoff date for constructing a … [Read more...]

Why Do I Write?

“You are never selfish with your advice or your help.” Last week, I wrote about NaNoWriMo. Apparently, Webucator, the national training company, had the same idea. They had two of their instructors, who are published authors, share about their writing journeys. For this whole November novel-writing month, Webucator is inviting authors to share about their experiences. Here’s my perspective: What were your goals when you started writing? I wrote my first story in elementary school. My … [Read more...]