Foodie Friday First: Tofu Wrapped Shrimp Roll

Tofu wrapped shrimp roll: kind of like a shrimp egg roll, but made with tofu skin wrapper I'm usually all about the tried-and true dishes when I go out for dim sum. The other day, though, I stumbled across tofu wrapped shrimp rolls. I really like bean curd wrappers, but these were especially intriguing because they were crunchy. They actually reminded me of the phyllo dough used in baklava. The shrimp stuffing was pretty tasty, too, but I think I like the undiluted taste of whole shrimp, like … [Read more...]

Foodie Friday: Ha Cheong

Ha Cheong: ubiquitous dim sum dish made of steamed rice rolls and shrimp There's a slew of rice noodle rolls to select from on the dim sum cart: beef, dried shrimp with scallions, char siu, etc. My favorite is the simple style with tasty prawns. The key is having fresh shellfish coupled with a tender steamed wrapper--the texture of the skin should be almost too slippery for your chopsticks to hold. Of course, the highlight of ha cheong has to be the sweet soy sauce (some versions call for … [Read more...]