Fun Facts About Mailings

One area of expertise that I didn’t realize I needed to bone up on as a writer was the mail system. I already had an appreciation for the United States Postal Service. As a kid, it was exciting to watch the red flag (we had a classic mailbox) go up and down as mail was delivered and received. I loved finding deliveries in the box of postcards, letters—really anything that people sent us. As an author, I dived into the topic of mailings when I needed to send out my novels. Books are often … [Read more...]

Please Mr. Postman

"You cannot satisfy hunger by drawing a cake." -Chinese proverb "You cannot satisfy the desire to hold a book in your hands by dreaming about it." -Jennifer Chow "Please Mr. Postman": I don't know how many times I've sung that song by The Marvelettes, yearning for the mail truck to bring results from my latest writing submission. Recently, the lyrics played in my head again while waiting for my big box of author copies of my debut novel. In fact, I had friends who ordered from … [Read more...]