Book Review: Before and After the Book Deal

5 stars Genre: Non-fiction Before and After the Book Deal Amazing stuff. I loved this book and wished it had been published when I was just starting out. It answers all the questions you want answered and veers into those unvoiced or even unknown musings. I particularly appreciated the dive into scenarios and experiences that might relate to your identity. It was also wonderful to get different perspectives and quotes from agents, editors, and writers. A marvelous book bursting … [Read more...]

Modern Day Summer Madness

"It is difficult to get off a tiger's back." --Chinese proverb Summers are officially crazy. I remember taking out my bike as a kid and riding around the block. Or swimming in the pool and splashing in the water with no schedule to follow. Nowadays, weekends are filled with hectic events (I'm not sure whether this is a result of a bigger social network or a more hurried modern pace). Here's a bit about how my summer's been like riding on a tiger: Travels: June--going to Las Vegas and … [Read more...]