Modern Day Summer Madness

“It is difficult to get off a tiger’s back.” –Chinese proverb

balloon art Summers are officially crazy. I remember taking out my bike as a kid and riding around the block. Or swimming in the pool and splashing in the water with no schedule to follow. Nowadays, weekends are filled with hectic events (I’m not sure whether this is a result of a bigger social network or a more hurried modern pace).

Here’s a bit about how my summer’s been like riding on a tiger:


  • June–going to Las Vegas and attending the ALA Conference for a book award
  • August–visiting Seattle and participating in two book talks
  • Plus two other extended family vacations in between

Troubles (trivial):

  • Getting locked out of the house (thanks, kids!)
  • Having babysitter woes (someone forgot to babysit)
  • Pumping a pool (FYI, those large inflatable ones cannot be pumped by hand)

I’m used to having a regular schedule during the academic year. It keeps me grounded and provides me with more consistent time for writing. Nevertheless, I found ways to keep my creative mind active.

For example:


  • Balloon Art: Experiencing a carnival day and seeing a balloon artist at work (see above photo. I think I’ll retire my balloon pump and my repertoire of one doggie design now.)
  • Gourmet Food: Enjoying an authentic Koreatown BBQ restaurant (where the sliced meats looked like delicate platters of sushi and tasted extra fresh)
  • Rock Quotes: Reading inspirational lines etched into stones (my friend has one labeled “gratitude,” so that she’s reminded of the right attitude everyday)


  • Books/Magazines on Writing: learning and improving my craft via literature (also helps inspire me to write more)
  • Online friends: joining new virtual groups (they seem to have one for everything now–LA writers, Asian American writers, mom writers, etc.)
  • Writing time: carving in hours and working on new stories (note: am very thankful for summer classes for the kids)

How was your summer?

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  1. It IS difficult to get off a tiger’s back. That makes a lot of sense. I was working on last year’s scrapbook, and I keep saying “holy cow did we do a LOT of things.” It’s been a good reminder to plan more unplanned time. :)

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