Dragonfly Dreams Relaunched

As promised, with the closure of Booktrope and the reversion of my rights, I've relaunched my latest young adult novel, DRAGONFLY DREAMS. In celebration, I'm offering a sale price of 99 cents until June 17th. If you'd like to, feel free to pick up a copy for you or a friend! https://www.amazon.com/Dragonfly-Dreams-Jennifer-Chow-ebook/dp/B01GFJ89BQ/ … [Read more...]

Booktrope Acceptance

“An important business venture may soon develop for you.” It looks like this year will be very busy for me! I recently got a manuscript (it's YA with intergenerational drama, like The 228 Legacy—but with paranormal elements) accepted by Booktrope. Booktrope is a company looking to revolutionize the book industry by using team publishing. Here’s an overview of how the system works: First readers look through all submitted materials and serve as gatekeepers (if selected, the author can … [Read more...]