Faandau- Learning through Games

Faandau: mischievous or naughty

The Historical Records describe Confucius (551-479 B.C.) as a child who liked to participate in the sacrificial ceremony, which used a vessel called the “Dauh” to play.  The original meaning of faandau means to learn through games.

As a child, I enjoyed hopscotch on my elementary school’s asphalt lot.  Whether playing alone or with my friends, I delighted in the simple joy of hopping through the air.

Recently, I participated in another jumping activity, a blog hop that I found through The Masquerade Crew.  I got to travel through others’ blogs, mining precious tidbits of information.  It reminded me of the progressive dinners I ate during college.  By visiting a series of apartments, I could consume an entire delicious meal.  I found the same satisfaction exploring people’s thoughts through their sites.

An artistic interpretation of progression.

The old definition of faandau speaks to its educational roots, but the newer versions translates to naughtiness.  We know that boredom leads to mischief, so keep yourselves productive and educated by exploring the sites I discovered, listed here: Finding New Friends Weekend Blog Hop.



Jiyauh- Knowing Weakness
Wan Jaugung- What Do You Dream About?


  1. Another beautiful photograph…do you take these yourself?

  2. That honor goes to my husband.

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