Writers Tell All – Blog Hop

I have an extra post this week because I’m doing a blog hop called, “Writers Tell All.” Question 1: What are you working on? Releasing my debut novel, The 228 Legacy, on August 1st Polishing a cozy mystery featuring an Asian-American sleuth investigating a senior home Editing a previously shelved manuscript Question 2: How does your writing process work? I look around for inspiration in my daily life. When an image, a phrase, or a theme sticks, I’ll expand on it. I do a … [Read more...]

Faandau- Learning through Games

Faandau: mischievous or naughtyThe Historical Records describe Confucius (551-479 B.C.) as a child who liked to participate in the sacrificial ceremony, which used a vessel called the "Dauh" to play.  The original meaning of faandau means to learn through games.As a child, I enjoyed hopscotch on my elementary school's asphalt lot.  Whether playing alone or with my friends, I delighted in the simple joy of hopping through the air. Recently, I participated in another jumping activity, a blog hop … [Read more...]