Detective Starter Pack Sweepstakes

Ever dream of becoming a detective? This is the giveaway for you then! Not only do you get a murder mystery game, but you have the chance to win four upcoming Berkley mysteries. Who's participating? Jennifer Hawkins, Olivia Blacke, me, and Jenn McKinlay (see our respective books above) Want to learn a fun fact about each of our novels? Check out today's post on Chicks on the Case! Interested in entering? (From now until 9/25) Detective Starter Pack Sweepstakes Link … [Read more...]

Brain Games

"Luck favors prepared mind." It's true that you can learn new things in life. For example, my neighbor challenged himself to build harps in his spare time. Now, he's got over a dozen models and volunteers his time playing at the local hospital to cheer up patients. Some scientists also tout games as a way to boost mental capacity. There are both arguments for and against a new surge in apps and other puzzles in order to keep minds active. Recently, I saw (and purchased) this new card … [Read more...]

Wii Games Help Seniors

"Be prepared for extra energy." A recent study found that "exergames" may help older adults stay active. Video games like Wii Sports or Wii Fit (which uses a board to do the exercises) can help senior citizens get fit. I've also found success with those kind of Wii games. I've had my fair share of gym time, but I'm what you might call a shy member. There are things that don't jive with me in that environment, such as: Locker rooms: They remind me of gym class in junior high, and I … [Read more...]

Faandau- Learning through Games

Faandau: mischievous or naughtyThe Historical Records describe Confucius (551-479 B.C.) as a child who liked to participate in the sacrificial ceremony, which used a vessel called the "Dauh" to play.  The original meaning of faandau means to learn through games.As a child, I enjoyed hopscotch on my elementary school's asphalt lot.  Whether playing alone or with my friends, I delighted in the simple joy of hopping through the air. Recently, I participated in another jumping activity, a blog hop … [Read more...]